What makes a good museum professional?

Woman Art Creative

It’s not easy being a museum professional, and with the current state of the economy many museum specialists are not able to perform on their jobs the way they would like to.

It is important for us to build a community online where both candidates and employers can go to find the best resources in the industry? What makes a good museum professional? Is it the knowledge of history and art? Is it their ability to organize and manage people diligently? Experience dealing with local and national media? Relationship with artists?

Whatever the case, museums need a wide range of skills in order to remain operative, and attractive option for an ever changing market who now has online access to everything they would ever wanted online. Many years ago it would have been unconceivable for a teenage kid to know beforehand the art catalog that a museum is currently displaying. Nowadays, and with a little research, they have access to this and much more.

How are museums dealing with this ever changing market? The complexity is only increasing, but I think museum professionals should see this as an opportunity rather than a problem! For example, it used to be the case in many museums that people were not allowed to take pictures. But how are you going to enforce this in the current era of modern smartphones? Are you going to ban phones from museums? Good luck running an empty museum then!

Wouldn’t it make much more sense running a contest to see who took the best selfie in front of the Mona Lisa? And then who got the most Likes and Shares? This is the time when museums meet social media in a quest to adapt to modern times and become more popular with kids. Adapt or die.

So if you think you have something to offer to the industry, make sure to post your profile to us, and we’ll make it available through our website.